Company Spotlight


Stay competitive with HIAB articulated cranes. Whether your business depends on heavy lifting, fast loading cycles or the most delicate precision - or all of the above- HIAB articulated cranes are all about performance at your fingertips. Their combination of control, safety and reliability is one no other knuckle boom crane can match.

Hiab celebrates its 75th year anniversary in 2019 and continues to innovate the loader crane industry with new features that are unique on the US market. Crane Tip Control brings increased automation to crane operation by simplifying operator controls. This lets even novice operators perform complicated movements to deliver the load from point A to point B, simply and safely. Variable Stability Logic Plus is a revolutionary safety system that automatically maximizes crane capacity according to both the stabilizer position and “the load” on the bed of the truck. Semi-Automatic Folding automates all crane folding and unfolding maneuvers via one remote paddle, giving further protection to both the crane and truck. HiConnect is a connected service for Hiab customers to bring real-time data and insights about their equipment, to enhance productivity and optimize equipment performance, which allows customers to avoid unnecessary downtime.


MOFFETT's range of truck mounted forklifts are the ideal productivity tool for delivering more - and gaining more - precision, versatility, and profitability. From narrow streets to construction sites, a MOFFETT truck mounted forklift works comfortably in conned spaces thanks to its tight maneuverability. No terrain is too rugged.